A busy ham is mostly a happy ham!


In my estimation being busy with a hobby means you’re having fun!  Now bear with me a minute here before you disagree, lol.  I got caught in this trap as well when I came back into the house from the shack and said I was tired.  It was when I had just completed another review and finally got it published.  It was the Anan 8000 DLE review in fact.  Anyways.. I was saying it was hard work and my wife said you mean you had fun playing right? 

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PowerSDR mRX Release Notes

PowerSDR mRX releases

Compiled by Andrew Barron (ZL3DW) “zlham” 6 June 2017.


PowerSDR/OpenHPSDR mRX 3.4.1 released 3 June 2017  4

Enhanced TX Equalizer  6

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NI0Z Shack Version 10

NI0Z May 2017 V10

NI0Z Shack V10 - Welcome to the Zone!

Wow, what a two week rocket ride with the MB1 review, the website getting stood back up, another small guide for the MB1 memory/CPU upgrade not to mention all the work on the shack!  And then the DUO arriving two days ago to add to it all.  You know though, I am going to take a little break and relax now on the website stuff, finish cleaning up the shack and enjoy the MB1.

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