A busy ham is mostly a happy ham!


In my estimation being busy with a hobby means you’re having fun!  Now bear with me a minute here before you disagree, lol.  I got caught in this trap as well when I came back into the house from the shack and said I was tired.  It was when I had just completed another review and finally got it published.  It was the Anan 8000 DLE review in fact.  Anyways.. I was saying it was hard work and my wife said you mean you had fun playing right? 


Now I knew I was going to have a hard time with this debate, but I tried it anyways and ended up seeing her point.  Anything you do that is not contributing to bettering one’s self or the household is deemed as play.  That really seemed harsh in my mind because I had worked really hard on the review and at times certainly didn’t think I was having fun.

Here is the thing though, if your hobby creates work for you, its still part of your play and hobby time if your not making money for it or bettering yourself. Oh, and let me stop you right there if you thjink relaxing and learning about ham radio is bettering yourself because if your not going to directly make money from it then it doesn’t count and even if you do make money, if your spend is greater than your profit, your still deemed to be having fun.

If you didn’t have your hobby which in general you should be enjoying, then you wouldn’t be doing the work that may come along with it, ergo, its all part of your hobby or play time. 

And when you look at it that way, no matter how hard your hobby makes you work, what you’re really doing is playing and having fun.

So today, I am getting the FM DUO back up and running as I move towards doing a review of it.  And the other improvements I am making to the shack today, well, that’s playing and having fun.  Oh, and opening up my ham computer Hamzilla, you, despite not liking it, I was having fun!

So with a smile I just wanted to remind you, then you think your working hard on your hobby, you’re really just playing and having fun!  So enjoy it by golly and if its stressing you, just slow down, take a deep breath, and remember why you ham, its to enjoy and have fun!




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Sunday, 16 May 2021

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