Welcome Back! The New Site Slowly Emerges

Welcome back folks, slowly but surely I will get a new site up and running. I guess I should go ahead and issue my disclaimers now;

The site will not be restored from its original state, its a new site with a more limited focus:

  • Only the articles from the previous version of site will be brought forward, the content from the old forums will not.
  • New and fewer forums are being developed (if you want to be a moderator, drop me a note)
  • If new equipment is offered for me to review, I will take it on, but not more than one radio every two months)
  • The site may end up with embedded advertisements to generate operating funds



  1. Template and Editors Installed - DONE
  2. Registration and Login Mechanisms - DONE
  3. Initial news blog Created (You're Reading it) - DONE
  4. Article Menu and Legacy Articles beginning to be uploaded DONE
  5. Forums Created - DONE
  6. Revised Logo Updated  - DONE


  1. Finalize Logo
  2. Finalize Layout and template
  3. Expert Electronics MB1 review - June 15 in flight
  4. Elad FM Duo review - July
  5. Future Reviews - TBD and dependent upon vendors

I hope to have the main shell up by mid June!

Until then, stay tuned



© 2014 by Mark Abraham 

A busy ham is mostly a happy ham!


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Sunday, 16 May 2021

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