Welcome back folks, slowly but surely I will get a new site up and running. I guess I should go ahead and issue my disclaimers now;

The site will not be restored from its original state, its a new site with a more limited focus:

  • Only the articles from the previous version of site will be brought forward, the content from the old forums will not.
  • New and fewer forums are being developed (if you want to be a moderator, drop me a note)
  • If new equipment is offered for me to review, I will take it on, but not more than one radio every two months)
  • The site may end up with embedded advertisements to generate operating funds



  1. Template and Editors Installed DONE
  2. Registration and Login Mechanisms DONE
  3. Initial news blog Created (You're Reading it) DONE
  4. Article Menu and Legacy Articles beginning to be uploaded (will complete by May 12
  5. Forums Created - DONE
  6. Revised Logo Updated  DONE



  1. Finalize Logo
  2. Finalize Layout and template
  3. Expert Electronics MB1 review - June 15 in flight
  4. Future Reviews - TBD and dependent upon vendors

I hope to have the main shell up by mid June!

Until then, stay tuned



© 2014 by Mark Abraham