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NI0Z created the topic: Remote Access

I have been playing around with remote access today, really slick! I think with a few minor tweaks in ExpertSDR that Expert Electronics could easily market this as another feature. In reference to NoMachine that I spoke about earlier, I wanted to just quickly talk about it. After getting an unsolicited awesome audio report today on the Maritime Mobile Service Network 14,300,000 for a check-in I decided I finally had it tuned. The funny thing is, is so easy to actually setup once you figure it out. Its really a matter of turning things off in ExpertSDR rather than making special changes. The reason is this, NoMachine leverages the standard sound mapper input and output. So basically you need to turn off the soundcard and so transmit audio doesnt loop and then use RX1 VAC to get receive audio. Streaming in NoMachine needs to be turned on along with audio and the Mic. You need to turn on the Mic in NoMachine each time you use it.

See the review for screenshots.

I also plan to try it with My Galaxy S3 Tablet soon as well! You need a headset though or you will have some funky transmit issues. Also, see Post review Notes at the very bottom of the review for some perspective on what this means in terms of the bigger picture. In summary though, since one can load all their software onto the radio, you could pretty much run everything you want remote. For example, my Rotator is software controllable via PST rotator, so I could easily swing as needed. Logging, Digital Modes, the whole nine yards, its all doable.

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