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zlham created the topic: Icom IC-7610

Well I finally "bit the bullet" and bought an IC-7610. I have had it a week and I am still setting it up and learning its many oddities and foibles. Don't get me wrong I like it a LOT. It really has every option that you could want, antenna tuner, voice keyer, RTTY and PSK demod, two receivers and a whole lot more. But there are things I don't like, chief among them the complete failure to implement computer mouse operation. It really looks like Icom has deliberately made mouse operation completely useless. It would surely have been easy to let the mouse do anything that the touchscreen can... but NO. It is restricted only to the panadapter spectrum and waterfall area. And even then the mouse wheel will not control the frequency. The manuals are hopeless as well. They tell you useful things such as that the mic gain control adjusts the mic gain. But not how to set the mic gain correctly. One manual says to set the 'Mic gain' and the other tells you to set the 'drive gain.'

So I am not sure. Should I keep the Icom and retire the ANAN? Or sell the Icom and keep the ANAN? Time will tell.

I had a real battle getting the CI-V to work. The driver sets up two COM ports but some software just wont work. I think its because there is an Icom address, that some of the digimode software does not support. I had to update MixW. THEN the audio CODEC disappeared. It was working. Then the next day it was gone and I had a device error on the USB interface. I had to reinstall the driver (with the radio connected this time) Then the audio came right. But it took all day on Saturday to get it to work.

Then I worked a few stations in the CQWW RTTY contest and it worked pretty well. Using the keyer macros on the radio.
Slowly I am tweaking things to get the settings that I want. This is not a use it straight out of the box radio. Not for me anyway.

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