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    Hi, I have been a Ham radio OP since 1982.

    My main interests are CW, QRP digital modes PSK31, JT65, JT9 (thanks to Joe Taylor K1JT)
    using state of the art SDR transceivers from FlexRadio and Elecraft and SDR receivers from
    Elad, RFSpace and WinRadio. I am an FlexRadio Elmer. You can find a lot of my posts and
    tutorials at the FlexRadio community page community.flexradio.com/flexradio/ .

    For PSK31 etc. I use HamRadioDeluxe and for JT65/JT9 WSJT-X, which I strongly recommend.

    My aim is to work as many countries as possible with my limited antennas and 10 watts maximum power.

    We also have D-Star repeater DM0WM at Karlsruhe and 2m, 70cm and 23cm repeaters.
    Our DARC club is A07 Karlsruhe, where we meet every Saturday and twice each month
    Friday evening. I am a member of the local EMCOMM team. I operate a complete PACTOR
    EMCOMM station from our club and at home.

    Some years ago I became interested in the Alexanderson generator at Grimeton/Sweden and it's
    17,5kHz VLF transmissions. My VLF gear includes a WinRadio G305e, a SDRIQ and a homemade
    magloop made out of a bicycle rim.

    My other hobbies are sailing, photography, electronics, computers, astronomy, genealogy and history.

    My XYL Beatriz DD5JZ and I live at Karlsruhe, an unversity town in soutwest Germany. This is sort of
    a German silicon valley, mirrored by our local ham club membership with a lot of techies, IT people
    and engineers.

    73, Alex - DH2ID
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