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    I finally got SDR Console V3 to run on my PC. In the end I researched the 000007b error I was getting and the general consensus was to download a heap of dll files and bung them in the Windows System32 directory. I was not keen on this idea since everything else was working fine. I didn't want to end up crashing other programs. In the end I found a similar (not gaming focused website) and downloaded this file '0xc000007b_win10(x64).zip' Google it if you have the same problem that I did.

    I was not brave enough to copy the files into my System32 and SysWOW64 directories, so I copied all of the dll files into the SDRConsole main directory. Working on the principle that the program will look there before looking at the system directories. That fixed the problem and everything is now working. I am a happy camper.

    I have had SDRconsole freeze up a couple of times when changing to a different favourite. I do like the way the program remembers the panadapter settings and the four or five receivers as well. Super idea. Seems to be reasonably stable otherwise and it is pre-beta software so you cant expect it to be perfect yet. The favourites menu is SOOOOO much better than SDRUno which seems to have been written by somebody who does not understand that the radio is an SDR.
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